Flava House Express is an American Restaurant in Memphis, TN

Welcome to Flava House Express, the go-to American restaurant in Memphis, TN. We offer a wide variety of classic dishes and plates the whole family can enjoy. We believe in excellent customer service and don't want to keep you waiting! Our family restaurant is perfect for take out and dining in especially if you are looking for a quick bite. We specialize in classic American food and pack a lot of love flavor in all of our food. When it comes to quality, we are a restaurant you can trust!

Offering a wide variety of our favorite dishes, we make everything with fresh ingredients and care. Our menu includes tacos, chicken tenders, hamburgers, catfish, turkey burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, lamb chops, shrimp, wings, and more! We take pride in making delicious food quickly and correctly! Spend your work lunches enjoying chicken pasta, taco salads, and onion rings instead of waiting in line. Say goodbye to wasting time on fast food that takes too long and has no flavor. Flava House Express does not disappoint and always puts our customers first.

We are excited to serve you delicious plates and baskets for lunch and dinner. Don't waste your time on bad food anymore! Contact Flava House Express today to learn more about our menu!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Delicious Flavors
  • Many Menu Options
  • Quality Service
Locations Served
  • Memphis, TN